Our Story,

a note from the Founder.

Hi there! Thanks for dropping by.

I'm Eunice, founder and designer of  eunice rebekah , a boutique athleisure wear label. I started this label with the intention of empowering women through redefining the idea of sportswear. Or activewear, if you may. And here's why.

I grew up loving sports, participating in countless competitions and almost ended up being a coach of some sort. But like most, I chose a more conventional route and winded up sitting behind a desk, doing a nine to five.

As time goes by, with all the round-up shoulders and consistent hunching, I thought it was time to pull out my inner sports-thusiasm and set a periodic work-out schedule for myself. It was not until I decided to challenge myself to complete a set of 30 freestyle laps that I ripped my trapezius muscle and from thereon, never truly nor fully recovered.


The healing process led me into multiple clinics and studios, from physiotherapy to chiropractics, from yoga to pilates, from chinese sinseh to deep tissue massages. And this went on for an intensive 3 years. 

Back and forth, you can imagine how my life was circulated around deep intensified stretches and muscular strengthening. I was constantly out and about wearing sportswear and gym outfits. Eventually, tights and tanks became my go-to.

The idea of creating a boutique athleisure wear label was born when it dawned upon me that it was possible to merge fashion with clothes that you sweat in. They can exist cohesively.

The designs here at  eunice rebekah  aren't just about affordability and good looks, but a dynamic mixture of loungewear, comfort and support for your light, medium and high intensity workouts.

This is for those who are teaching, training, coaching, rehabilitating and/or brunching. Swap in and out between your commitments easily and without the hassle of packing an additional set of clothes. Lunges to brunches, you say? We got you covered.

With Love,

Eunice Chua

Founder of Eunice Rebekah Athletica