Something's brewing

Our upcoming collection, La Relance which means 'revival', will be our first featuring collection as the  eunice rebekah  team transit into an entirely brand new look. 

Revival (noun)

"an improvement in the condition, strength, or fortunes of someone or something."

Some may have known that  eunice rebekah  went through a trying period couple months back, the team had seriously considered of giving up and was this close to pulling the plug. However and very thankfully, the team persevered. And for that, we have our followers and customers to thank for. 

In the La Relance Collection, we are coming back with vitality and fervency. Its not just about the clothes that we are selling, but the whole package - consumer experience, packaging, styling, and customer service. The readjustment of our brand doesn't mean we are changing who we are. Rather, it is an extension of our core philosophies as an authentic business, continuing to bring affordable, comfortable and timeless boutique athleisure wear to you.

Come 3rd September 2020 at 8pm (local time), the full collection will be released and ready for purchase.


Update: Collection Launched. Shop it first here.